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Papel picado garland 10 leaves Virgin of Guadalupe 24x36cm 4.5m

Decorative paper garland with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, 4.5 meters long. Completely handmade in Mexico. Size: Large. Various patterns and colors. Dimensions 10 pennants of 24x36cm.


24 × 36 × 0,1 cm

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Long paper garland with typical Mexican “papel picado” decoration cutouts with Our Lady of Guadalupe motifs. Known as the patron saint of the Americas, the Virgin of Guadalupe is a religious and national symbol of the Mexican people. We no longer count the objects decorated with his effigy and invented by the limitless creativity of Latin American devotion.
4.5 meters long. To hang on the walls, to suspend or even to cut out to decorate a table.
Each image is in a different colored paper.
Completely handmade in Mexico. Various patterns and colors.

Weight ,15 kg
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 0,1 cm

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