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About Tienda Esquipulas

Selection of handicrafts and human objets of decoration and fashion accesories from Mexico and Guatemala


Parisian Shop at Montmartre
20 rue Houdon – 75018 Paris (France) – Tel. : +
Open from tuesday to saturday, from 12 PM to 7 PM – Contact

Tienda Esquipulas

Guatemalan native, from the city of Antigua Guatemala, I opened my shop in Paris in 2002 and move to Montmartre in 2007. May aim was to create a authentic ethnical and fair small market like the “tiendas” (the shops) we fin in our countries. All my objects tell the stories of popular culture and traditions from Mexico and Guatemala as I lived it, all my objects have an history and an origin.

I builted a very strong relationship with producers and craftpersons which whom I work, it allows me to guarantee the high level of quality and at the same time their originality : more or less 25% of my collection is exclusive design and creation I designed myself. I’m working now with around 50 craftpersons or carft communities from both countries.

Furthermore, a “tienda” is also a place of life and human sharing. That’s why I attend or organize each year events and meetings aroung culture of Mexico and Guatemala : the day of the deads, plays of mexican loteria, expos of creators who make objects or accessories inspired by culture and traditions of our countries.

The team Esquipulas

  • esquipulas.290-e1442946007536

    Ana Carrillo


    I launched Esquipulas in 2002 to share my passion for the richness of popular culture of my country, Guatemala, and his big neighbour, Mexico. I wanted to create a special selection always unique of the most improbables products which are part of our daily life. Also, I'm working with my niece, Lucia, because we have a strong family tradition.

  • lucia

    Lucia Romero Carrillo


    Curiosites addict I roam streets and markets of Mexico and Guatemala looking for the unique object I will love ! There I fill my eyes and my heart by colours and memories of warmful sharing moments with craftpersons and unique people of my culture that I loved so much. Working with my aunt which is always a challenge 🙂

They spoke of us

Tienda Esquipulas | Image Mimie
Cette tienda permet de voyager dans quelques-uns des plus beaux coins d’Amérique latine  mais dans le respect des communautés locales
Emilie CAILLEAU, Blogueuse
Tienda Esquipulas | Image Lomography
It’s a very colourful shop and it’s very nice to discover all sort of things from saint images to spells to bring back a lover!
Lomography, Collectif
Tienda Esquipulas | Image Mina Rad
La boutique Tienda Esquipulas est conçue comme un vrai petit marché ethnique et équitable. On y trouve tout simplement de tout (ou presque) pour décorer, habiller, jouer, manger ou encore faire la fête façon latino américaine
Mina Rad, Cinéaste
Tienda Esquipulas | La Phanette aux petits pois
Tout y est très beau, pas cher, un peu kitsch et d’inspiration très vintage.
Laphanetteauxpetitspois, Blogueuse
Les Bobos voient double
Tienda Esquipulas est sans doute, l’un de mes magasins préférés de mon quartier, et il est vraiment à découvrir de toute urgence!
Les bobos voient double, Blogueuses
Tienda Esquipulas | Photo Ludovic Giron
Une boutique muy caliente. Vous verrez, ce ne sont pas les couleurs qui manquent à ces objets 100% made in Amérique latine
Ludovic Giron, Blogueur, co-fondateur de
Tienda Esquipulas | Image Memi the rainbow
All the items present in this shop are issued by an accurate selection of the best popular art and handicraft directly imported from Guatemala and Mexico, and they are a surprising explosion of colors and of multiculturalism …
Memi the rainbow, Blogueuse
Logo La Fabriquerie
Voila un petit magasin formidable que j’ai découvert au hasard d’une errance dans Montmartre.
La Fabriquerie, Blog
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