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margaux carpentier dessine tienda esquipulas

The colorful strolls of Margaux Carpentier for Tienda Esquipulas.

From Mexico and Guatemala, their respective cultures and the stories that flow from them, Tienda Esquipulas, explorer of wonders, distils the nuggets in the old world and calls on the creator Margaux Carpentier to imagine a phantasmagorical universe composed of daring forms and colors in shambles, mottled on the thread of timeless tendencies. Merry jewels of local traditions and a transgenerational past, each object finds a dreamlike echo in the imagination of the artist.

ouverture bodega esquipulas

Opening the B2B online sales

Welcome at online Bodega Esquipulas Create your account and consult prices of all our products. You can also record in your wishlist products you like and make later an order with all or just a part of your wishlist. Orders There is no order minium. Products package is indicated on the product page and order is by …

objets humains

Esquipulas, Human Objects

Do you like basic items? Unoriginal things that you can see everywhere? If you are one of those people… Do not visit us! Because here you will find objects unlike any other, crafted in Mexico and Guatemala, made by unique human beings. Craftsmen from Guatemala and Mexico, people we once met, and with whom we …

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