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Votive painting of heart by mexican artist

Heart ex-voto painted on glass and signed by the artist. Assorted frame colors and designs. Each piece is unique.


28 × 1,5 × 23 cm

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This ex-voto painted on glass is the work of Mexican marginal artist Manuel Baumen who expresses his own vision of the world through creations inspired by most of the main cultural pillars of the Mexican nation (Hearts, Frida Kahlo, Virgin of Guadalupe , Lucha Libre, Lottery).

Each piece is unique and finds its origin in the imagination of the artist who, as he says himself, “hardly ever comes out” as he flees all forms of socialization. It is through his prolific work that he makes himself known to those who know how to hear the language of a man more than reserved who lives in his particular imaginary.

Weight ,432 kg
Dimensions 28 × 1,5 × 23 cm

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