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Wall decoration articulated couple Catrina and Catrin

Couple of man and woman skeletons wall figurines in painted sheet metal made in Mexico.


7 × 0,1 × 27 cm

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The Catrina and the Catrin, literally the gallanst, are characters invented by the Mexican engraver and illustrator José Guadalupe Posada born in 1852, a major figure in Mexican painting. It is to him that one owes these skeletons immersed in multiple representations of the Mexican daily life, as well by their clothes as by their setting in situation.

The Catrina and the Catrin have greatly contributed to the popularization of the Day of the Dead (dia de muertos), but beyond offer a satirical representation of Mexican life in all its aspects, from the most popular to the most official.

Weight ,036 kg
Dimensions 7 × 0,1 × 27 cm

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